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Well, I remember when I first got into SHINee, how I didn’t have a favorite until your diva-like personality attracted me. The next thing I knew, you were not only my ultimate bias, but also the celebrity I loved most.

As time passed, what I felt for you only grew stronger and in ways I could’ve never imagined. With time, I was able to focus on different aspects of your personality, which made me admire you all the more. There are so many interesting things about you; I could make a huge list, and yet I’d only be mentioning my favorites.

I love how you always strive to do your best, how you try to be as strong as you can. And how, despite the icy front you put up, you’re such a crybaby. You’re amazing to the point that even your flaws become endearing. I love how you’re wise, and a deep thinker despite how often you act like a spoiled child. How you give your best whether it be on or off-stage. How annoyingly methodic you are, paying attention to every single detail around you in order to show SHINee as a flawless group. How attached you are to the people around you, and how you show them your love through actions rather than sugarcoated words. How random, and fucking weird you are. How you’re able to catch everyone’s attention with your unique style. How you don’t seclude yourself in a specific world, but actually try to learn as much about different cultures as you can. How beautiful a person you are, inside-out, no matter how cliché this sounds.

It’s funny how I might be having a shitty day, might be tired as hell, mad at the world, and something so simple as the sight of your face will make me feel better. I might be on the verge of tears, yet seeing you smile will always make me smile. Seeing you, and how hard you work, and how you deal with countless hardships because of this cutthroat industry you happen to be involved in, how you manage to see the good in the world, regardless; it makes me feel like I have the potential to become the strongest person on Earth.

You deserve a wonderful future. And even though you don’t know of my existence, I’ll try my best to support you, no matter what happens. I hope that someday, in the future, you’ll be able to say that everything you’ve had to deal with (— both past and present—) was worth it. I hope you can relax, and be yourself — someday, somewhere, with someone — and feel satisfied with your life despite all the problems that insist on getting in the way of everyone’s lives. I hope you’ll be surrounded by people who truly love you, who will make you truly happy.

I hope — when you’re older — you can look back on your days as an idol, and feel accomplished for knowing that your very existence changed a lot of people’s lives, because, well, know that you changed mine.

Anyway… Kibum, I love you. Happy Birthday. ♥

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